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Stripers on Incoming Tide

One thing we are still working on is catching stripers on a more consistent fashion. There was an incoming tide in the early morning hours so we made the trek out onto a breakwall where a river is coming into the ocean front.

With the tide coming in, our setup was to run bait chunks for trying to catch these stripers. The setup consists of a three way swivel that has a 5/0 circle hook and also a 3oz weight tied on. On the circle hook we will use either a cut piece of mackerel or a chunk of clam.

Casting this presentation out into the current, the weight holds the bait in position as the bait flows in the current. The bite can be very subtle to a viscous attack on your bait. But typically you will know when they are biting.

There were many fish caught but all of them were on the small side as we have a 28 inch minimum length limit. Even with the smaller fish, they give up a good fight and if you would use freshwater gear, that would be a definite battle.

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