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Isolated Structure Fishing

Summer time water temperatures have the fish looking for cooler and more comfortable water zones and that means fishing deeper water. There are many deep water locations that hold fish and then there are areas that hold better quality and more variety.

Finding these locations can be very rewarding and typically do take a good amount of work, but once they are found, can be goldmines on a regular basis. Good electronics these days, allow you to create mapping on demand, and this work up front, can show you these locations that may not be on your current charts.

Creating a grid pattern of these locations, allows your electronics to create a very precise picture of what is down there. Watching the down scan imaging, will also show you what the content is on this structure so you know if there are rocks, weeds or any other items there.

We have an area that is precisely this, the top is 9 feet deep and has no weeds, but there are isolated rocks scattered around and the content is sand and gravel. We can usually get a few very nice bites off of this, but every time that you fish it, you have to figure out where they are relating to.

Sometimes they relate to the top, but recently they have slid off to the southerly side in the 15 foot range. There haven’t been any weeds, so they are relating to those rocks that are scattered around and you can catch a variety of fish that will use these common areas.

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