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Deep Water Structure Fish

Waters are warm these days, with being near the 80 degree mark and that has the fish going deep for the cooler waters. Fishing deeper water requires good electronics and an understanding of what they are showing you and how to fish that structure.

One location that I have found, is a very small sunken island that is about the size of a boat, and is void of much vegetation because of the depth. Utilizing the SonarPhone Tpod with the Navionics application this has allowed for creating current contour information on daily trips.

Typically on this hump, the fish would relate to the top and by keeping your boat off to the side and working your bait over the hump, this was how the fish wanted it. This particular trip, they weren’t positioned there and were holding off to the sides and tight to the bottom.

Most of the bottoms content is sand, gravel and some small rocks and you can feel that as you work your bait back. Moving the bait very slowly along the bottom, 6 inches at a time, seemed to be the speed they were looking for as faster wouldn’t get you any bites.

Trying the Dropshot rig, didn’t yield any bites, so switched over to the Northland Tackle 1/8oz Nature Jig and the Impulse Night Crawler worm. Rigged this in a jigworm situation with an exposed hook, for quicker hooksets, and with the jig head in the sand, the night crawler stands up with the tail tantalizing from the movement as it is moved.

Finding these little locations can prove big benefits over the more common areas that many anglers use as well as, these fish may have less pressure on them also. There are days that these won’t hold fish, but when they do, the fish typically are of a much nicer size and very rewarding catching them.

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