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Alexandria Area Report: Dodging the Weather

It seems that this past week as been a little cooler and with some storms that have cut fishing short. But, even with that the fishing has been very good. The one positive is that the water temperature has started to drop with the rain we have been having.

Speaking of water temperatures, last week the temps. were 79-82 degrees and this week they dropped to 72-75 degrees and it showed to. The fish were in a little shallower than last week as well. The crappies and gills were pretty active in between the storms and you should look in 8-12FOW this week if your heading out. The areas that produced the best were sunken islands that had good weed growth and pencil weeds. You might say that you see that on most lakes, but there will be some areas like that don't hold fish. Just keep in mind during the spring time when the crappies and gills spawn; those are the areas to target. They usually don't go to far from where they spawn and

most of the time there is deeper water near by, so concentrate your efforts on the deeper weed lines for panfish.

The presentation included several methods.

1-Trolling was very good on long stretches of weed lines. Using the Salmo#3 Hornet at .08 to 1.0 mph. This will not only produce crappies and gills, but it will produce bass,pike, and walleyes. This is one of my favorites to cover water.

2-Jigging was the best this week and I used the Northland Fishing TackleFire-Fly with Impulse plastics. The 1/32oz and 1/64oz sizes work the best for getting down in the thick weeds. The one thing to remember is that the Fire-Fly's fall slow and that is when most strikes happen. Or, you can use your ice fishing tackle as I never really put it away.

The other presentation was the Salmo Chubby Darter. That lure really catches fish especially the crappies. The slow wobble as it falls attracts the crappies and as we get into the fall months, be sure to have that on the end of your line.

Looking ahead, the weather looks good and I'm sure the bite will continue to be very good. The lakes that have been good for crappies and gills are Reno,Minnawaska, and Osakis. There are other good lakes in the Alexandria area to fish pan fish, like the Chain of Lakes, Smith, and Miltona. Yes, Miltona has a good number of big gills and crappies, you'll just have to do your homework.

Until next time, be safe and we will see you in the outdoors.

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