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Tournament Fishing

With the musky season underway, the tournament season has started to kick off. Fishing tournaments offer the opportunity for extra excitement and adrenaline rush.

It challenges a fisherman to think outside the box and become innovative. It opens the doors to new waters and new tactics that will expand your horizons for future success. It is a great way to meet new people that share the same passion for the outdoors as yourself.

Many of my good friends and fishing partners today, I met fishing tournaments. Pre-fishing is the key to success when it comes to fishing tournaments. Fishing a few days prior will give you the opportunity to find a successful pattern that will put the winning fish in the boat.

Don't limit yourself to usual patterns while pre fishing. Try new spots, baits, and tactics and dial in that particular body of water. Research the body of water that you are going to fish. Check into what types of baitfish are present.

What kind of structure do the fish relate to?

Does the lake present good cabbage growth or is it more of a rock lake?

Make sure to ask yourself all the questions about that particular lake. Fishing tournaments can have their stressful moments. Loosing winning fish is tough to swallow, but remember to have a good time!

Tournaments are a fun adventure with a buddy. It means working as a team to achieve a common goal and usually results in good times, high fives and stories that last a lifetime.

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