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Camping Season is Here

Some may have already started their camping season, but others are just uncovering and getting the campers ready for the season ahead. So as we start getting ours ready, going to point out a few things to look at and do for having an enjoyable camping season.

We had jacked the camper off the ground and had blocks underneath so that was the first task before moving out of the backyard. Since we are working around the wheels, take a look at the tires tread as well as checking the air pressure, don’t forget to check the spare as well.

There are a number of things to take a look at on the outside of your camper and the roof is a big one that needs to be looked at on a regular basis. Looking for tears in the roof material as well as all of the areas that have caulking, this will ensure that leaks don’t form and can ruin the roof very quickly.

Check all of the windows for cracks in the glass and also the screens for keeping the bugs out of the camper. Any of the outside openings and ports should be cleaned of any bugs that may have built nests in them as well as mice over the winter season.

The awning plays an important function for shading on sunny days and keeping your things dry from the rain that may come through. Checking for tears in the awning is important as well as you want to catch them early before they get too far along.

Many have the battery boxes on the tongue of the camper and charging your battery before putting them into that box, ensures that you have power on that first trip. Typically in this area as well the propane tanks are mounted and making sure those are filled will keep your experience an enjoyable one.

There are many locations on the outside that have been sealed with caulking and these need to be check on a regular basis. Touching up or repairing areas that the caulking has let loose will keep damaging water from entering into the walls of the camper and those areas you can’t see until it’s too late.

The water heater was flushed last fall and the anodized rod/plug is left out so that there isn’t any water left in to freeze. This rod has to be installed back in before the water can be hooked up to the camper and also any water tank drain caps need to be put back on.

On the inside, making sure that none of the cushions have been attacked by the mice if they had gotten in, so that you don’t have any surprises down the road. I like plugging the camper in and running the fridge for a couple of days to make sure that is working properly.

Heater should be run and also the air conditioner as they have sat for many months and never know until you actually start using them. With the water hooked up, this allows you to check the water connections in the kitchen as well as the bathroom for nay leaks that may have to be fixed.

Everyone has their own checklist of things to check in their camper and these are the main ones I typically go through. When you are camping you want to enjoy the experience and would rather be playing then having to fix items while you are camping. Summer is here and hope you enjoy your camping season.

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