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The Ole Cane Pole

After pulling up to some tall grass, I lowered the trolling motor and with 36 volts of weed chopping power, I maneuvered my way through the thick cover.

I found a nice little pocket holding fish as we tried bobbers and they worked to some extent. The problem was that as soon as the bobber hit the water, the fish wood scatter and after a few minutes, they would return.

Then I remembered something that I have not done since I was a kid, I had two collapsible fiberglass cane poles in my boat.

After we started fishing with them, I thought to myself "why haven't I used these more often?" The one I was using was 17 feet and I began by dropping in spots you'd never get with spinning rods and a bobber.

I was hoisting crappies and gills right through the air into my hand, we caught some real dandy’s. But today it really wasn't about the size. It was so much fun. The fight is completely different. I think I'm going to bring my boys out here to try cane pole fishing.

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