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Twin Ports Report June 1

Hello June, I thought the saying is "April Showers bring May Flowers"? I guess June will have to bring out the flowers and hopefully some warmer consistent weather as well. One thing is certain, the regular warm season colors are starting to show.

We are just into cutting grass, but not picking lilacs. Further meaning, the better days are still ahead of us. Fishing in the Arrowhead region has been good and will only get better. Last weekend was the Wisconsin Muskie opener and this weekend it's Minnesota's turn. In case you didn't know, we have great opportunities to catch these Apex Predators in the region.

St. Louis River has had a good bite. A number of tactics are working and fish are hungry. Walleyes and pike are being taken on both trolling and jigging methods. Bigger fish have located closer to

Lake Superior.

Trolling crank baits and worm harness rigs have been ideal. Jig fishing with soft plastics is also turning many fish. Target areas have been the edge of the deeper river channels. Be careful of floating debris when navigating a watercraft.

Please practice selective harvest (did you know a 20" walleye in the system can be upwards of 10 years old making it a prime spawning fish?).

Lake Superior has also been decent this last week. Anglers are catching Coho Salmon trolling stick baits with a few colors of lead core. A few Lakers and Salmon are also being caught using down riggers with spoon displays.

Paying attention to water temperature differences has been important. Fish are being caught several miles out on mud line transition areas. Find fish and stick to the areas will pay dividends.

Tributary fishing has been good with reports of Brook Trout being taken on the North Shore and South Shore streams/rivers alike.

In-land lakes are seeing substantial weed growth now and those are areas we like to target. Crappies are getting closer to being complete with spring spawning. Blue gills and Bass are prepping for their turn.

Anglers are encouraged to practice ethical fishing during spawning activities. Pike are being caught near weed lines and walleye bites are starting to show up on mid-lake structures. Live bait riggings continues to be successful. Heavier jigs for deeper water and vice-versa for shallower areas.

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