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Bass Opener and Remembrance

Another Minnesota bass opener is in the books and a very exceptional one at that! However, this weekend is more than just bass opener.

This weekend represents what the outdoors is all about! Sharing quality time with family and friends and remembering those that are no longer with us. Remembering those that sacrifice the luxuries of everyday life and especially those that have given their life fighting for America!

THANK YOU to all the troops that have served, are serving and will serve to keep our country free! As far as the fishing went, it was a very successful bass opener. The bass are in a transitional period right now coming out of shallow spawning grounds and heading back out to the deeper cabbage covered reeds. We used two tactics that proved to work very well.

The first presentation we used was a Texas rigged worm working it slowly in the shallow lily pad bays. We ran worms anywhere from 1-3' deep. Keeping the worm weedless allowed us to work through the thicker cover. The second presentation we used was the Northland Tackle Reed Runner out in the deeper reeds. We drifted slowly over the 5-7' deep flats running the spinner baits slowly to get closer to bottom.

We found the majority of our larger bass using the deeper edges where the cabbage was more prevalent. With the inclement weather this weekend, the thicker the cover the better. I hope everyone had a safe and successful Memorial Day weekend!

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