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Twin Ports Report May 4

Can you feel it? It’s the Annual Great Fishing Opener. This week's report is going to be short and sweet. We believe all you anglers have everything ready to go, so we won't touch on that topic.

We will send a tip on where to concentrate efforts for opening weekend walleyes. For us, we will be targeting post spawn walleyes near the 1st to 2nd contour lines coming from spawning areas into main lake basins.

Walleyes will be hungry during their recuperation phase and will prey on bait fish in and around, these locations. Live bait and jigs will be the go-to method. We will also experiment with casting smaller shad raps and swim baits.

Lake Superior Anglers are getting some Salmon while slow trolling stick baits behind planer boards.

The stream fishing is seeing some action as well.

Smelt are on the tail end of their spring run.

St Louis River is clearing up after all the precipitation we have had in the recent weeks. The pan fishing has been slow on the river.

In-land lakes are seeing some good pan fish action in the shallows. Using small pieces of worms under floats has been the best tactic. Locate black bottom bays with higher water temps.

As the weather continues to heat up, so will the fishing! Happy Opener Northland Anglers!

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