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Spring upon the River

You know it’s officially spring when you can hear the frogs chirping away at night and the fresh smells of spring fill the air.

I recently took a hike down a stretch of river section I like to fish, not only looking for deer sheds but also what the shoreline has to offer. Not only is it the perfect time of year to get out and enjoy the outdoors, you can also find some key structure along the riverbank when the water level is extremely low.

I’m always on the look out for things such as big roots, logs or sand bars that could be a magnet for the fish. For me personally, I’ll be in search of smallmouth, so finding good log jams and structure along the bank is very critical.

Some could be old cement slabs, a different bottom such as mud transitioning to sand or a silly old car tire. Keep a mental note of where you find these key spots so when the water level returns to normal or raises, you may have yourself a killer honey hole.

Along with that, the shoreline is full of activity. I snagged a frog that was trying to hide itself in the mud as I walked by. I was slightly surprised on the size, but I know what color I’ll be throwing come bass opener.

I’m always trying to “match the hatch”. Using the same colors as the baitfish or other creatures in the river. Fish get accustomed to eating the same thing year after year and if you can match what they are genetically geared to eating, you unlock the true potential in a fishery. The count down to opener has officially begun.

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