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Ten Toddler Fishing Tips

1. Safety - Never for one minute let them think that not wearing a life jacket is ok, even if that means every adult in the boat wears one to.

2. Let them help you drive. Let’s face it, most days I don’t want to leave either, but if they get to drive to the boat ramp it makes things a little easier.

3. Teach them about keeping bait alive. Worms and minnows are fun to play with but they both die exposed to the sun. This will teach them respect for the simplest things. Nice cool bedding for worms and fresh water for the minnows.

4. Always have a rod you don’t mind loosing or breaking, yes it needs bait and a working reel. Sooner or later it will sink to the bottom of your favorite fishing spot. Don’t get mad, they are kids, we all have done it.

5. Find a spot to store toys in your boat. Yep… I said it.

6. It’s not easy, but when you pee off the side of the boat….. expect them to copy you, so let them.

7. Always have a toy boat that floats, while trolling it will keep them entertained between reeling in fish. Drag it behind the boat. It’s amazing.

8. Expect to lose equipment. Pliers, reels, nets and valuables are replaceable. Time with your family is not. Enjoy it.

9. Teach them how to keep and release fish. Don’t forget to teach them how to clean and cook fish. It’s called conservation.

10. Fruit snacks…they solve all problems.

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