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Twin Port Area Report March 23

Here we go, spring has sprung and it won’t be long until we are in full swing of the change. Who likes changing of the seasons?

This weekend the world famous Bois Brule River will see plenty of anglers trying their luck at migrating Steelhead. There are open water opportunities as well on Lake Superior, either by shore or by boat and we still have ice on the in-land lakes holding steady. Fun time of year, for one, can pick your poison on fishing opportunities.

On Lake Superior, anglers are also taking to the open waters of the North Shore and trolling up salmon and the occasional lake trout as well. Most fish are being taken on long lining shallow running baits like shad raps.

Trolling depths of 20-80 feet continue to be target with a few of the Lakers being turned near the surface and some are being caught with a few colors of lead core.

Anglers are also still catching an occasional fish from shore by casting. As we move further into spring, look for the North Shore area to continue to be a popular area with anglers trying to test their luck.

St Louis River has seen a little traffic this last week in WI area bays. Anglers are targeting a mix of crappies, perch and some nice sized sun-fish. Oddly enough, best tactic has been wax worm on a dead stick. Minnows have not shown much success.

The Inland water areas continue to have a nice cover of fishable ice. We are seeing a lot of clutter near bottom substrate areas, these are more signs of spring. Micro-organisms are hatching and making for tasty meals for fish. As usual, electronics are key.

*Note - Ice conditions can change quickly, always check with the local bait shops or guides before going out on the ice. Also, it is a good idea to have appropriate equipment. We bring the following items including, but not limited to: PFD's, Nebulus Floatation Device, Rope, Spud Bar, Communication Equipment, etc.

**Check local DNR regulations to stay in compliance with state laws.

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