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Twin Ports March 16

*Note - Ice conditions can change quickly, always check with the local bait shops or guides before going out on the ice.

Also, it is a good idea to have appropriate equipment. We bring the following items including, but not limited to: PFD's, Nebulus Floatation Device, Rope, Spud Bar, Communication Equipment, etc..

**Check local DNR regulations to stay in compliance with state laws.

Welcome to the official end of winter as we are entering spring, we are still finding fishable ice in the twin ports areas. However, daytime temps forecasted are calling for consistent above freezing temperatures.

This is the time of year when ice conditions will start to deteriorate rapidly. Cars and trucks are a no-go from here on and snow machines or ATV's should be the only vehicle traffic, if ice conditions are still stable.

Very soon, it will be walking only as the shorelines will start to open up. To be clear, ICE will become very dangerous and start to disappear on area waters. We advise anyone to take extreme caution if so inclined to ice fish.

Inland lakes continue to be the best opportunity in the Twin Ports. The reservoirs north of Duluth continue to see angler’s frequent popular pan fishing spots. Crappies are being caught on small minnows under a float middle to the lower part of the water column has been ideal for suspended fish.

Same holds true for blue gills. Using small tungsten or mini spoons tipped with larvae or waxies has been best. If fish are being marked on the graph but are not biting, it is a good idea to relocate to find a more aggressive school.

St Louis River has been very quiet and will be coming to a close for ice fishing in the very near future.

Lake Superior has fishing opportunities at this time. We have been getting reports of anglers taking to the open waters of the north shore and trolling up salmon and the occasional lake trout as well as a few Kamloops.

It is a fun time of year, because you don't have to have down riggers to catch these near shore fish. Most fish are being taken on long lining shallow running baits like shad raps trolling depths of 20-80 feet are bringing in a few fish.

Anglers are also still catching an occasional fish from shore by casting. As we move into spring, look for the North Shore area to get crowded with anglers trying to test their luck. Please be courteous of other anglers as this will become very popular in the coming weeks.

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