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Northshore, Twin Ports

Attention all anglers, it is now time to purchase new licenses. The Minnesota season came to a close last Sunday. The Wisconsin season will close this Sunday (3-5-17). Otherwise, for late ice fishing anglers, the options are pan-fish or rough-fish, or trout (see your state DNR regulations).

As we reflect on this last season, it was a tricky one with a late ice start and some warm weather interruptions along the way. In the end, we hope everyone got out and had an opportunity to do some fishing.

*Note - Ice conditions can change quickly, always check with the local bait shops or guides before going out on the ice. Also, it is a good idea to have appropriate equipment to help. We bring the following items including, but not limited to: PFD's, Nebulus Floatation Device, Rope, Spud Bar, Communication Equipment, etc..

**Check local DNR regulations to stay in compliance with state laws.

Lake Superior continues to host anglers along the Northshore in search on Kamloops and an occasional Coho Salmon. Fishing has been on the slower side this last week on account of the high NNE winds and snow.

Best tactic continues to be long rodding looper bugs or wax worms and floating bobbers. Some are catching a few fish using hand tied spawn sacs as well. As always, be courteous of other anglers when venturing out.

The Lake Superior ice bite can only be reached in the confines of the Ashland, WI area. Anglers are still finding success with a few brown trout, splake, smelt and whitefish. Lake-shiner heads and bright silver jigging spoons have been best. Fish are also being caught on set lines. Best depths are 20 to 40 feet.

Now that the regular seasons for game fish (walleye, pike & bass) is over, pan-fish are in play. Anglers need to remember to be conservative when harvesting pan-fish this time of year as they are very vulnerable this time of year.

So by all means take a few for a meal, but let’s not hurt populations by over harvesting. With that being said, best areas to target for sunfish are near vegetated areas. This less intense winter has left lake vegetation very stable and strong, so fish have been able to relate.

Some area waters have a basin bite for crappies. Using crappie minnows under floats in deeper waters has caught fish. Using electronics will give you an edge. Remember, that game fish caught while pan-fishing must immediately be released!

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