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Small Water Gems

Weather: Sunny

Temp: 60°

Ice thickness: 16 inches

A few weeks ago, I reported on fishing small shallow lakes that previously winter killed and not to overlook them and study stocking reports from DNR. Well the lake I started fishing few weeks back, only had handful of people fishing.

That's changed over the last few weeks as more and more people found out making it a circus out there. I love when someone says, “hey, lake X has a great bite going on”. Then you tell them it was going on a month ago and should have been there earlier, lol.

Oh well, back to finding another lake using the same strategy of shallow lakes that are often overlooked. After a little research on the DNR site and using google maps, we picked a lake out to give a shot today.

It was 60° today so we walked out to be on the safe side with no reason to take unnecessary chances. We measured about 16 inches of ice and only 2 other people out there, perfect!

After some moving around and sorting, we managed some nice jumbo perch again. Fishing off a sharp point adjacent to 11ft basin, we struck gold in about 7ft and hopefully, this little lake fly’s under the radar for the rest of the season again. I would like to go to this lake first ice next year.

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