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Nice Surprises

There are times that we go fishing with a mission, which we are going to be searching for a certain species for the day. The agenda for this trip was to find locations that the perch were occupying and get a plan together for an upcoming outing.

Fortunately, I was finding plenty of locations that we were marking fish and they would come and investigate the presentation, but they definitely made it for a tough day of catching them. For the most part, presented them almost everything we had and this was one of those days that the bite was just off.

There are times that you hit a location that will give up a variety and number of fish and I did hit one of these. There were a number of large red marks on the Vexilar screen and they were actively chasing my bait presentation.

Fishing with a Clam Outdoors Drop Kick jig tipped with some wax worms, the first red mark attacked the bait. The fight was on and I saw gold going past the hole and was really hoping that this was a walleye on the line.

After a great struggle, finally getting a good look at what was on the hook, was a beautiful smallmouth bass. As I was unhooking this fish, looking at the flasher screen, there was a number of large marks still hanging around.

This went on for a good 15-20 minutes and caught a number of smallmouth, they would come in and hammer the bait. It is always fun catching smallmouth on the short rods and this definitely made for a fun trip. Not really sure what my plan is for this coming weekend on locations, but I may know where a few bass hangout.

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