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Ice Safety comes first

Many areas across the ice belt have been experiencing very abnormal warming lately and that has jeopardized the conditions of the ice. With that being said, many are still ice fishing and the need of “ice safety” needs to be reminded about again.

By taking precautions and having the right safety equipment with you, is key to having an enjoyable day on the ice. Common sense and being aware of your surroundings, is always vital any time that you step foot onto the ice.

For the equipment that you should always have with you:

Spud bar: this allows you to quickly test the ice in front of yourself as each step is taken

Life Preserver: in the case of going through the ice, this will keep your head above the water

Cleats: good pair of cleats allows you to having traction on the ice

Ice Picks: wearing these around your neck gives you something to pull yourself back onto the top of the ice if having gone through

Safety Rope: this is a life line that someone can throw to you and help you get out of the hole

Floatation Suit: Ice Armor by Clam, the Lift Suit, offers added buoyancy for giving you time for getting out of the ice

Leave your days plans with someone so they know roughly when you should be returning back from your ice fishing trip

Enjoy the day on the ice with a friend as they may be your life line for getting back out of a bad situation

Stay away from areas that have current, especially in these warmer conditions

Always have your cell phone fully charged, as it may be your only way of asking for help

There are always many other things and items that come to mind and the main idea is to making and reminding everyone to being safe out on the ice. There are still many weeks left to this ice season and if we have to take a couple of them off, better being safe than what otherwise could happen.

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