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First Ice Trip

One of the best things that I enjoy about ice fishing and having all the tools to be successful on the ice, is taking people out for their first trips or reintroducing them to the sport. It is a very gratifying experience and one of the best ways I can think of to pay the sport back for the good times it has shown me. I also look for the opportunity to introduce others to it and give them a reason to enjoy the winters here in the Black Hills.

Recently, I took a friend, his little boy and another friend out for their first trips on the ice. Living in Spearfish, I decided to take them to Iron Creek Lake as it was the closest one and I'd heard that the trout were biting.

Having never fished on Iron Creek, it would be a learning experience for me as well. It was a perfect day to take them out with high 40's, sunny and no wind. The lake was also a popular place, as many others were on the ice.

I set us up near the dam and popped up my Clam XL2000 hub in case anyone wanted to fish in it. I started drilling some holes with my Clam Conversion Kit, then I asked Skylar if he wanted to drill.

With a little help, he was cutting holes like a champ. His dad, Ryan, had no problems popping a few holes himself. That is one great advantage of the Conversion Kit.....anyone can use it with no trouble, it's so much easier than gas.

While the bite wasn't hot, I was extremely happy that they all caught some trout and perch. It was awesome to see Skylar holding onto the fish and he even wanted to make sure they got back into the hole.

He's already into catch-and-release. They all had a good time and they all want to go out again, which is the best part. Hopefully, I'll get them all back on the ice soon.

Be sure you take advantage of any opportunity you have to introduce someone to the sport, especially kids. They are the future of ice fishing and we need to pass on our passion and knowledge to them and the joy on their faces is all the thanks anyone needs.

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