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How about this weather eh?

This is a very unusual weather pattern that we have mixed emotions about. Yes, it is nice to be comfortable and fish in the elements, rather than in the confines of an ice shack, however, it is stalling some ice making in the Lake Superior angling areas we like to target.

This puts a damper on some nice Lake Trout spots and it is any wonder if we will be able to get to them at all this year. Ah well, that's Mother Nature and in the end, she decides what will happen. We will make do with what we have and continue to fish.

Lake Superior has fishable waters for those who venture to the Chequamegon Bay areas of Ashland, we do not encourage anyone to travel to the reaches of Bayfield though. This forecasted weather and the minimal ice that's currently here is not safe.

Fishing in Ashland, anglers are catching a mix bag of perch, walleye, browns, whitefish, burbot, and splake. Best tactic is to jig spoons tipped with minnow heads and don't forget to set them flags up either.

St Louis River has been okay as well. Fish are coming on a plethora of presentations, but to be honest, we are seeing a lot of lookers as well. Change lures till you get one to bite and then stick it out with what worked. Dead sticks fished a few inches off the bottom with a large fathead are catching some nice sturgeon.

The lakes area bite has slowed down in areas that are getting to much pressure. It is strategic to position your set up area away from the crowds to find fish that have not been exposed to pressured areas.

Blue gills, crappies and a few nice perch have been caught using small Clam Outdoors tungsten jigs tipped with Maki plastics.

Tight Lines and GOod FiShN

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