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LOTW Weekend

Over the weekend, we headed up to Lake of the Woods, we wanted to take our 25 ft tandem axle ice castle out on the ice for the first time of the year.

The walleye/sauger bite was really steady in 30 FOW, we found that bare hooks with an emerald shiner produced the majority of the fish just letting it sit about 1-5 ft off the bottom.

Jigging it a couple of times once in a while would attract the few aggressive fish we got. The bite is definitely fluctuating right now, as some days they bit better and seemed like mid-day was the hot time to putting fish on the ice.

We caught multiple species of fish including: walleye, sauger, eel pout and whitefish. The forecast is looking warm, so if your planning on going up, make sure you contact the resorts before-hand as the conditions may change fast.

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