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Spooning Crappies

Few days ago, I was sitting on a pile of crappies in 31ft of water with the Vexilar lit up. I was using a Clam Pro Tackle leech flutter spoon with the feathers on the treble.

They would chase the spoon up and down, and every once in a while, you would feel a tap. The crappies were very tight lipped that day as they were biting at the feathers on the hook but missing the treble.

I decided to modify the flutter spoon and drop shot it. Removing the hook, I tied a piece of fishing line about 12 inches in between the two.

Jigging the spoon does excellent job of calling in the nearby fish. What was cool is with the feathers on the hook, it almost just floated while the spoon was doing all the work.

I watched on the Vexilar as the spoon danced around and the feathered treble stayed pretty much in the same place. A mark slowly started rising to the feathered treble and whacked it.

I tried it again with the same results on another slab. Sometimes modifying an already effective lure and tailoring it to the bite can be a game changer.

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