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Fish House Heater Issue

For all owners of Ice Castle Fish Houses and other brands. PLEASE READ!

Recently I made a short move with my Ice Castle to the other side of a lake. Once I was all set up, I turned the furnace back on. But it wouldn't kick on.

I was puzzled. It must have happened when I went through some bumpy rough ice because it was just working. I checked fuses, connections and wiring.

I removed the thermostat cover and began tinkering with that. After about 30 minutes and ready to give up. I fixed it.

There's a contact that controls the furnace to turn on. It was just slightly out of place almost unnoticeable. I moved it a little more just for a picture. I recommend every fish house owner take 10 seconds to check theirs.

The pic with red circle is what you are checking for. Green circle is good contact. This literally can be a difference between a fun day or turning around to go back home, or worse, ruin a big trip.

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