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Greetings from the Twin Ports

Fishing in the area has been great. We are now starting to venture on select waters with our vehicles as we are measuring ice anywhere from 12"-19". As always, check for yourself and don't just go off of someone's reports such as this one.

Lake Superior is seeing some action for those who venture out to the Ashland areas of WI. We still need cold weather and time for this ice sheet to continue to grow out toward the Apostle Islands areas. Some fish that are being caught are white fish, perch, a few walleye, burbot and a few brown trout.

St Louis River has slowed down in recent times with the changes in the weather. A few fish are still being caught using general dead stick hole near jigging holes. We are even getting a few flags to fly on tip ups for some decent walleyes. Best bait has been Venom Float Inferno Minnows tipped with live minnow. Depths targeted have been 4'-15' of water.

In land lakes have been real good as well especially for pan fish. Crappies and blue gills are coming on small Northland Forage Fry tipped with Impulse Plastics or Maki Plastics. If the bite is slow, try downsizing to a mini teardrop and small chewed up wax worm. Target the areas that are away from the crowds. This time of year, as community holes grow, fish get pressured and their appetite for eating can slow. This is mostly because of the dozens of lines and bait that are being jigged in a "fish village". With that being said, get away from the crowds.

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