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Backwoods Crappies

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to take the snowmobiles into a couple of backwoods lakes to fish for crappies. We started out on a little lake that had a 20 ft basin that ran all the way down the small lake.

We drilled holes all over in the basin area and caught a few nice fish, but, the bite wasn't as hot as we would have liked it to be. So we got back on the snowmobiles and moved down the trail to a little bigger lake.

As we were riding through the woods, I noticed a little door on a tree with a ladder leading up to it. We stopped and I opened the little door, someone had put a nice note with some chocolate in a jar in the hole of the tree and we thought that was pretty interesting.

Well, we moved on to the lake, headed to the deeper hole and drilled a few holes and we found fish suspended thick up at about 15 ft off bottom and we dropped down all sorts of tackle but they didn't seem hungry.

We decided to move down the lake farther and found fewer suspended fish but they were hungrier. We had to stay mobile because the fish would lose interest or they would move with the school. We ended up catching around 100 fish for the evening. It was great time on the ice with good friends.

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