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Crappies and Kids

Weather: Sunny

Wind: 35 mph

Depth 29ft

After a quick stop for some bait and doughnuts, the boys and I were on our way to catch some Christmas break crappies. Once on the ice, we headed towards a spot I had my eyes on.

With the holes drilled, lines down and shack set up, we began enjoying our doughnuts when all of sudden bobber torpedoed down. Bryce jumped up and reeled up a nice crappie.

Over the next few hours, we continued to catch fish. If you jigged near the bottom instantly would catch a perch. We were fishing 6-12 ft off the bottom that produced the crappies.

They were a little trickier to catch, as they would slowly chase the bait then stop and stare at it. Trying different jigs and using spikes and minnows, I finally figured out what triggered the bite.

Small crappie minnow with tungsten jig hooked through the lips. That gave you the ability to jig the bait in a natural position then stop and let the minnow do the rest of the work. The boys had a blast and we caught many fish.

The best part of the day is seeing their excitement when they catch one on their own. That is priceless.

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