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The 2nd weekend at Deer Camp

Dad, Big Buck Down. “What??” My dad says. Dad, BIG…. BUCK…. DOWN. “I am on my way!”

For many, Deer Hunting consists of family traditions and gatherings and for my family, it is no different. The 2nd weekend of Deer Camp kicks off with the annual Friday Night Prime Rib Dinner down in Aitkin. From there we head off to the McGregor Area to start a weekend full of deer hunting at our Family Cabin.

Saturday morning, I settled into my deer stand only to be faced with a very strong SSW wind gusting up to 22 mph. As I wait for the clear night sky to wake up, I sat there reminiscing about all the deer I have harvested from this deer stand that I call “The Grand Stand”. While I hope today will be the day where I can talk about another successful hunt.

Once daylight kissed the bare tree tops, I notice hectic movement to my south east. I grab my binoculars to see what all the commotion about. There in a very far distance, I could see whitetails running all over my ridge. I could not make out what was a doe, fawn or buck due to being so far and very brushy. So all I could do was hope they would make their way further down the ridge so I could get a closer look. As the minutes ticked by the deer disappeared. Honestly feeling a little disappointed, I could not get a clear identification, I just told myself that is all part of hunting.

As the morning grew older, the wind picked up even more which made it very hard to hear even the closest squirrel to my deer stand. So with hearing for deer being out of the question, I had to rely on the next best sense, my vision. Scanning the woods in every direction looking for slightest glisten of brown or a flash of white making its way through the woods was my highest priority now. Soon, I noticed movement; grabbing my binoculars again to make a clear identification, I quickly noticed it was a nice Doe who found her way to the bottom of my ridge to find a place to bed down at.

I looked at my watch, it is now 10:30am. My family will soon be arriving to start our deer drive in the fields. As I look back up from my watch, I see a figure standing 100 yards to my south. Thinking it was that doe that bedded down, I was not to excite to take action. Just to pass the time, I looked through the binoculars.

Too much of my surprise, the doe that was bedded down was farther into the swamp, and there standing next to the lonely birch tree stood a dandy buck. Instantly my instincts took over; I slowly return my binoculars to the shelf with one hand and grab my rifle with the other. Smoothly I drew up to place the cross hairs on the front shoulder. The safe clicks off, I take a deep breath out to focus my energy on the shot I am about to take, without hesitation I pull the trigger.

Next thing you know, that buck remains in its same place as it did when I shot. Thinking I completely missed, I ejected the shell quickly with my bolt action to get another one into the chamber for taking another shot. Just than the buck started to walk slowly to the west, ready to take another shot, I watched through my scope as the buck peacefully landed to the ground. That is when I realized I did not miss, for I just had completed the perfect shot.

Knowing the deer was down, I called my Dad right away. “Hello” my dad says. Dad, Big Buck Down. “What?!?” Dad, BIG…BUCK…DOWN, I got him Dad, I got him! “I am on my way” my dad says with excitement.

It only took a few minutes for my Dad & Sister to arrive to my deer stand. With my sister in my stand now, my Dad & I made our way to where I saw the buck go down. We walked with caution, just in case he would jump up.

When my dad found him, he gave him a little “tap” “tap” and sure enough he was down. I dropped him with 1 perfect shot. That is when I found out he was a really beautiful 8-point buck. Hearing a roar through the woods, I look up to see my entire family barging through the woods, hands up with excitement. There we stand surrounding the deer I just shot, high fiving each other all while being thankful for the buck that was given to us.

~ Enjoying the outdoors, one adventure at a time ~ The Upland Huntress

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