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Make-up for the Modern Day Hunter

With so many different brands and styles of camouflage available for hunters, the body part that often gets overlooked is the face. A white face shines like a mirror in the woods. A simple turn of your head will easily pin-point your location to any big game animal.

When I first started hunting, I used a face mask to conceal my features. While it did a great job from hiding the white in my cheeks, nose and forehead, it drove me crazy wearing it as I felt constricted. Like I couldn’t breathe at times. I also felt like I couldn’t hear quite as good.

I began to take notice of more and more hunters using face paint. I did a bit of research and decided to give it a try. There are several different brands as well as application types to choose – from the tri-color sticks to the camo compacts. Pricing ranges from $5 and up; if you’re on a tight budget, another option is to hit up stores after Halloween and stock up on tubes of colored makeup on clearance.

Primary colors are black, brown and green, with some companies offering pink for the female hunters wanted to add a bit of bling. Personally, I like the basics and will mainly use black. However, during early season while leaves are still on the trees, I will put the green and brown on as well.

As far as pattern styles, you can paint your face in just about any imaginable markings you can dream up. From neat lines and integrate designs, initials of your kids, to complete black out. As long as you’re covering the majority of your pale face, it’ll help you disappear into the shadows and keep you hidden from the game you’re hunting.

The biggest disadvantage of using face paint, is that it can be difficult to completely remove. If you have access to baby oil or some type of makeup remover, that works best with a follow-up washing with soap & warm water. If you don’t have access to makeup remover or are out on a backcountry trip, a simple baby wipe will work. Follow-up with warm soapy water if you have access.

You can also use face-paint to cover your hands if needed. I prefer a lightweight glove, but have been known to use it on extremely hot days.

Still not convinced that you want to paint your face? That’s ok. Just make sure that you’re using some type of camouflage to break up your face and maybe, just maybe, it’ll make it harder for that mature deer to spot you in the stand.

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