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November is here and it has ushered in the cool nights, frost in the mornings and the bucks chasing does. Many of you reading this article share the very same fascination from hanging game cameras in July to the last ice in March. Winter sure brings a strong anticipation for us outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re like me, I can’t sleep the entire month of September with the anticipation of ice fishing, then before you know it, April brings May flowers and the process repeats itself.

As sportsmen and women we often spend hundreds of hours each winter chasing our dreams and enjoying the company of friends and family. This article does not end with a twelve pound walleye or two hundred inch mule deer. It is basically a reminder that before you leave home on a trip this winter, remember to change the batteries in those smoke detectors prior to leaving the family home alone.

The common rule is when you change your clocks back this weekend, you should also update the batteries in those safety systems. Remember if you are heading out to the cabin to meet the buddies for deer camp, it’s not a bad idea to throw a couple smoke detectors in the truck to hang up. Smoke detectors are often overlooked in hunting cabins because throughout the year so little time is spent there. A working smoke detector will save lives, since the cabins are normally very rural and difficult for Fire Departments to access.

The time “falls” back this weekend and please protect the people you love and adore the most. Update those batteries! Below you will find a few tips about smoke detectors.

Replace all smoke alarms every ten years.

Test your safety systems once a month.

Place smoke detectors in each bedroom and outside sleeping areas.

Place a smoke detector on every level of the home, in the basement you should place them at the bottom of the staircase (on the ceiling) leading to the next level.

Never paint smoke detectors.

You should use both types of smoke detectors in your home ionization and photoelectric or a smoke detector that is rated as a dual sensor smoke detector.

Please share to inform your friends and family!

Good luck in the field

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