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North Shore Fishing Report

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween

The last week has shown signs of summer’s late strong hold. With the latest warm mild mid-day temps and the future forecast, you can sure bet it will keep the outdoorsmen comfortable. Whether it be in the woods for the MN deer hunting opener or on the water for late open water season fishing, there are no excuses not to get outside. Water temps do however continue to fall with overnight temps dropping. Best time to be angling is during the warmest parts of the day. Makes it easier for the average Joe to not have to get up early and be there "bright and early". However, we are always on the side that, time spent on the water is NEVER a waste.

The Lake Superior Anglers have been non-existent. You can literally go to any boat access and see no one is really fishing the Gitch. This is not uncommon for this time of year with season closures having taken place. However, there are still fish in season and if you’re willing, it can be a good time to fish. Small mouth in Chequamegon Bay have been the most we have heard about. The stream fishing continues to show signs of life, however, one must get to an area early because of the fishing pressure. We could use a little more rain to get the rivers up and in turn trigger a fresh run of steel head and salmon.

St Louis River has slowed a little, but plenty of fish are still around. There just not in the same spot as they were yesterday so being mobile is key. This time of year, it can be a good idea to seek out ice fishing game plans. Walleyes are being caught in 10 feet of water slow trolling crank baits and pitching 3/8 ounce jigs with aggressive retrieves. Live bait has been the best option, but the bigger fish are liking an oversized plastic. It has been instrumental to have the right rod for the job and we have been using medium light JTX Custom rods in the 6'10" version. Muskie angling continues to show success for guys spending time on the water, slow drifting oversized sucker minnows on quick set rigs.

In-land lakes continue to put a few fish out as well. Again, it is a good time of year to start and fish the "usual" wintering holes for pan fish. We go as far as bringing out our Vexilar’s and ice rods with the ice tackle.

Tight Lines and GoOd FiShN

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