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The Big Pond

Fishing will often test your limits physically and more so emotionally. There is nothing worse than looking down at your graph knowing you see the fish and not getting it to bite.

Big ol’ Mille Lacs was a tough one on this windy fall day. That didn’t stop my fishing partner Zach Scully and I from fighting the bitter south wind. The constant cloud cover made for a gloomy morning and, a solid 4-6 mph wind stayed all morning and reminded us winter is truly coming.

The water temperature was a chilling 47-48 degrees but that didn’t stop a couple big Smallmouth from jumping in the boat early in the morning. Started the morning fishing a rock reef around 8-14 ft throwing a creature bait or jig to cover water slowly and cranking something that smashed the rocks when we wanted to cover water.

I firmly believe that fish will strike a reaction bait until the ice is on the water. This could be a crank bait, rattle trap or chatter/spinner bait, for some reason they can’t resist when you bring a bait crashing in front of their face.

The bigger smallmouth came in around 9 ft of water or less and both on the reaction bite. After the bite slowed on our first area, we made a small move. While fishing for the amazing smallmouth the famous “gravel lizards” showed themselves while we hunted for the smallies.

Proving the walleye population is oh so strong… boating four walleyes over 24 inches, we knew the bait tied on was the money maker for the day.

A 3/8 oz jig with a swim bait was absolutely lights out all day for the walleye. However, we could never find the big smallmouth again. I continued to crank the bottom looking for fish in even less than 5 feet of water, but we kept getting walleye bites.

Although they are impressive fish 9/10 times I’d rather get a trophy Smallmouth versus a walleye. However, these fish were IMPRESSIVE.

We searched for hours looking for the monster smallmouth that hide in Mille Lacs and in the end, we left knowing we will be back before ice hits. True monsters hide in that ocean and they are waiting for anyone.

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