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North Shore Report

Leaves are falling and so are the warm days as we continue to get cooler nights, making for morning ice on our truck windshields. It’s a time of year where it is hard to decide on what to do. Hunting and fishing opportunities are endless to an outdoorsmen and it is the best time of the year. As "Rocktober" comes to an end, we need to start getting ready for the cold weather, deer hunts and late fall fishing. Water temps continue to plummet to the lower 50's and this has in turn, kept a steady walleye bite on most Twin Ports waters.

Lake Superior has remained pretty silent in the Duluth/Superior areas. For big lake action anglers are heading to the Ashland areas of WI. Stream fishing has been hit and miss with lots of anglers having little success. Further meaning, that if you are in need of catching a quality stream fish like a trout or salmon, you may have to log extended hours. Best bet has still been casting small spinners in fast moving water or drifting float indicators with spawn sacks or any other patterns. Getting to an area early will increase your chances of catching a beautiful Superior ran fish.

St Louis River has been steady, with mostly walleyes being caught in the 10 foot deep water at channel breaks. Aggressive jigging has been key for the bigger Lake Superior females making a fall run with the water temps being low, any time of day can be good. Fish are also being hooked on casting crank baits. Muskie anglers have had some success slow trolling oversized sucker minnows and casting baits at shorelines. Crappies have been slow, but they are schooling up in usual wintering holes.

Inland waters have been decent as well. The reservoirs north of Duluth are seeing anglers catching crappies, perch and walleyes using jig n minnow presentations.

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