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Deer Hunt Preparation

The colorful leaves remain, but only scattered amongst the floor of Mother Nature’s house, all the while, giving off the aroma of them fading away before old man winter arrives.

As I walk next to my Dad in the woods, the leaves crunch beneath our feet on our way to my deer stand to put up my blind for the upcoming Minnesota Deer Opener. It wasn’t long and the blind was up and secured to the tree and to the stand itself.

We closed the windows, climbed down the ladder and headed off to do a little scouting in the area. At this particular area, rubs or scrapes were not found, but a beaten down deer trail shows the deer are moving through the area which is always a great sign.

My dad and I hopped back on our wheelers and took off to our next spot, which is another swamp that the Big Bucks wander from little island to island. As I stay behind waiting to hear if my Dad got stuck or if he made it to his destination, I go for a little walk to check out the rub we found off the trail.

The rub appears to be a couple days old, and pretty decent in size. Definitely a buck letting others know he is around. In the distance I can hear my Dad shout its all clear, so I grab the seat cushion and walk across the point to meet up with my Dad. As we make our way to the deer stand, we spotted a fresh scrap on the ground a few yards away from the tree. It is always amazing how a little scrap in the dirt can flare up buck fever.

We make our way to a little field and stop to take a lunch break before we head off to give a few other stands a check over to make sure they are good to go for the season. As we head in back to our families Deer Camp, we make one last stop to my other stand, as I climb up the ladder, my dad walks to the southwest to show me where he discovered a fairly beaten down trail.

As my dad makes his way to the spot, I hear a tree snap and I follow the sound to see a deer jump up and start trotting off to the east, not flagging either. Being too far to count the points, I was able to see the deer had antlers well above the ears. So let’s hope this buck will still be around my deer stand so I can get a better look at him from my scope and maybe enter the deadly cross hairs of my 270.

Enjoying the Outdoors, One Adventure at a time ~ @theuplandhuntress

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