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Waterfowl Weekend

Well over the long weekend, we spent our time out in Western MN waterfowl hunting. Hoping to get under a few birds, we were pretty confident.

We hunted ducks the first morning, lots of ducks entered the little lake we were hunting but didn't want to decoy as well as we were hoping, so, we made the decision every water fowler avoids to make at the early hours of the morning, we pulled the decoys and moved to where the birds wanted to be.

The ducks finally started coming in better and we ended the day with 18 ducks, mixed bag, with one band and a bonus goose. Day two, we setup for geese in a corn field.

The field was holding over 1,000 geese the night before so we were excited to see what the morning would bring. We set out 3 dozen full body decoys, 1 dozen shell decoys, and 1 dozen mallard decoys and it did the trick on the leery late season honkers.

We had lots of geese come in and we managed our 4 man limit. It was an awesome trip with family and friends that we annually hunt with each year.

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