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Modern technology is all around us, it is in our schools, in our vehicles, at our work and over the past few years, it has greatly influenced our fishing. Many companies now offer a "mapping" option from their fish finders, but the one that stands out is the SonarPhone from Vexilar.

They were one of if not the first company to offer this new technology with 3 different models to choose from. The "Tpod" is a castable transducer that sends a signal to your mobile device and is great for shoreline fishermen or for checking out a shallow cove from a boat so as not to spook any fish that may be there.

The "SP200" is a permanent mounted transducer and WiFi box that goes in your boat to send the signal, and the "SP300" is a portable model that has its own battery, WiFi box and transducer so you can use it in your boat without having to mount it or you can take it with you and fish from a friend's boat.

Over the years before hunting season, I have gained permission from landowners by just asking or offering them a service I can provide in exchange for them letting me hunt. Recently, I gained permission to fish a 100 acre private lake and they had never had a lake map because the lake was man made as it started as a rock quarry and was then turned into a lake for members of a private club to use.

I saw an opportunity and offered up my services and mapped the waters for them using my SonarPhone SP200 and the Navionics application I covered the lake practically inch by inch. Doing this definitely lets you know exactly what is there and now gives the paying members another resource to use when they go fishing.

After meeting with the main directors of the facility and showing them the possibilities of using the SonarPhone and also Vexilars underwater camera system, I now have unlimited access to an awesome place to fish. Check out all of this great technology at and if you know of a similar lake or private body of water, let the owners know what you can do and you too may have found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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