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Eurotackle: Alternative

In today's fishing industry, there are baits that work to catch fish and there are baits that work to catch fishermen....the ones that actually do work, will catch both and are the ones that will survive.

Enter a new up and coming company from across the world called “Eurotackle”. This company has set up shop here in the United States and is rapidly getting their name well known.

Eurotackle, produces an awesome line up of tungsten bass fishing baits that include, football head jigs, flipping jigs, swivel head jigs and drop shot weights plus a full line of tungsten ice fishing jigs and to go along with those, micro finesse soft plastics, but the one product that really stands out is the “Mummy Worm”.

The Mummy worm is a mummified wax worm that retains its original look, size and shape. They are then colored and packaged in a convenient little round plastic container. These baits come in all colors imaginable and last indefinitely.

There is no need to keep them warm or cold and if you forget them in your pocket or boat they will not rot and stink up the place. The Mummy worm can be used anywhere you would use a real live wax worm or your favorite micro soft plastic, tip them on a small jig head or ice fishing jig and cast them just like that or by add a slip bobber for precise depth control.

They are also great during the ice fishing season, they work on all species of fish and trust me when I say this, there are times they will out fish any other bait.

Check them out at

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