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Report: Twin Ports Area

Water temps on lakes and rivers around the Twin Ports area are fluctuating between 55-60 degrees. We are now in peak fall foliage and it is beautiful. Hunters are taking to the woods and waters often for their respective sports. For anglers, we need to be cautious of this as we dip into the woods to walk to streams, or launch boats in the dark and navigate waters. Fishing has been awesome as expected this time of year and is great time of year to be outdoors.

The local streams of Lake Superior are seeing plenty of action as anglers are wading out pools in search for Trout and Salmon. Lake Superior seems to be off to a great fall migrate. Small spinner baits on regular spin caster rods and flies on fly rods are having equal success but remember with the size of these waters, we need to courteous of other anglers. Also, make sure that you join the movement of protecting these fish as they are delicate, so proper handling is important.

The St Louis River has been good again this last week for walleyes and crappies. Similar to the Trout/Salmon migration in the stream tributaries, walleyes have also moved into the estuary system. Northland RZ jigs tipped with crappie or fathead minnows continue to be a simple tactic. We have been slow trolling bigger crank baits for the bigger fish and finding success. Crappies are

schooled up off of drop offs. What is nice about this time of year, is you don't really need to be up and at them early in the day. Water temps are low enough that finding a mid-day bite is not all that hard. Small mouth are also being targeted on various types of structure while musky anglers are also finding some success.

Inland waters have also been very good. If anglers are looking for easy success, this is the best bet. Fishing deep transitions off of weed areas has been best with the best bite seems to be the 10-20 feet of water for crappies and a few blue gills. A plethora of jigging tactics are working and anglers shouldn't be afraid to use ice fishing tackle like Clam Drop Jigs and Duck Bill Drops tipped with Maki Plastics. Pike and bass are also being turned by casting spoons and Rapalas at the shorelines and muskie angling has also had some decent reports.

Tight Lines and GoOd FiShN

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