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Prime Time Fall Crappie

The word is out that the crappie are putting on their feed bags and the schools are definitely forming. As these fish start preparing for winter, finding the schools with better sized fish is key and always makes for a great day of fishing.

First task on any body of water is finding the schools and searching with your electronics helps pinpoint their locations. Idling around, watch your electronics and when you go over a school of fish, a cloud will appear on the screen and that means time to fish.

These fish are going to be feeding crazily, as their mode now is fattening up and with a school, there is a ton of competition between the fish. Jigging spoons work very well for this approach as they give off a lot of flash and also their weight allows you to get back into them quickly.

The Clam Outdoors Rattlin Blade Spoon and also the Clam Guppy Spoon are two such baits and when you tip them with micro plastics, this is a winning combination. Vertical jigging is all that you need to do and a lift and drop action puts plenty of action into these baits and that attracts the fish.

Within catching a few fish, you will have a good idea of the size in that school, so if they aren’t really what you are looking for, move off and search for another. Marking these locations on your GPS allows you to come back to them if your search isn’t working.

Most of our fish lately are now in the basins of the lake and that lets you narrow into them a bit quicker. After hitting a few of these schools, you have a good idea of where the better fish are and working them will be very productive.

Taking care of these fish is critical as throughout all of the excitement we kind of forget about that especially if you are pulling them from deeper water. So for getting onto these fish quickly, watch your electronics, flashy spoons vertically jigged and the wanting to catch a lot of fish. Enjoy this time of year and also enjoy catching numbers of fish

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