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Today we are going to talk about the Vexilar FLX-28 and in my opinion, Vexilar is leading the world in fishing electronics. Currently, Vexilar has the availability of 5 different color settings instead of 3, which the older model had so the newer colors offer the user more clarity in terms of depth and also for those that have a challenge seeing the traditional colors.

Moreover, it has a built in battery status indicator and it has ¼ inch target separation which offers more detail for seeing those minute objects. Additionally, Vexilar has incorporated a day and night mode so you can switch the lights to accommodate what you prefer. The Battery life is great and you can fish for a couple of days on one charge but recommend that you charge after each use.

Vexilar has 20 IR (Interference settings) which allows you eliminate interference with other anglers units so you will be able to see your jig and catch more fish. Vexilar has an industry leading 525 lines of resolution which creates a clearer picture for marking fish. It also gives the user greater detail when marking fish.

Additionally, it offers the user a low power mode which cuts down on the power used but this feature also allows you to see what is happening inside of the weeds below. Otherwise, you get a lot of interference disrupting the clarity of the jig and its action inside of the weeds where the fish hang out.

You want to adjust your gain high enough so that you can have clarity in the cone created from the transducer under the ice. Shallow water mode is to be used in 10 feet or less to ensure maximum results. The target separation is a huge seller to me because it has a ¼ inch of separation.

Vexilar incorporates a brushless transport system which holds a tremendous amount of data. This unit is multifunctional and offers features that are user friendly and invaluable to all those that love fishing. My experience using Vexilar's zoom mode for walleye fishing, is it allows the user to see the bottom 6 feet and gives the user a more detailed perspective and ability for successfully catching more fish.

The old tri-beam transducer, that had a cone angle of 9/12/20 degrees, has taken a back seat to the newer, narrow beam transducer because you can control the cone angle through the gain knob, allowing the user to see a broader or narrower perspective, depending on the user’s desire of seeing the bottom.

Vexilar has made great strides in the fishing electronic industry so if you want a valuable piece of equipment, I would definitely look at the Vexilar. I would never go ice fishing without a Vexilar and I hope everyone practices CPR, Catch, Photo and Release. Tight lines everyone.

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