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Don’t Forget Shallow

You can pretty much say that the fall bite is in

full swing and with the recent cool down, don’t forget fishing shallow. The past two weeks, the fish have been on the move and getting the feed bag on getting ready for first ice.

Watching other anglers when fishing, they have started looking and fishing over the deeper basins where the pan fish have moved to, but they will still be in shallow if you know where to look and it’s not hard.

The docks that are still out are a great place to start looking even though the water temperatures have dropped. Work them with or without a bobber and let the fun begin. Yesterday, we started to work docks in 5-7FOW and most of the time there will be some green weeds around the docks or in the general area that will hold crappies, bass, and sunfish.

The past two weeks the temperatures have dropped from 69 degrees to 56 and often times you may think that the fish have moved to the deeper water, well, not all do. Our presentation was simple. A rocket bobber and a Northland Tackle Mite Mouse tungsten jig tipped with a white blood worm.

Set the bobber depth at 4 feet and just cast around, under, or next to green weeds. Nice big crappies and sunfish were caught. Rich and John were surprised that they were there. Granted, we did explore the basins and found plenty of schools of fish, but fishing shallow can increase your success on the water.

The temperatures are dropping and those shallow fish will soon move out, so get out and give the shallow fall bite a shot. Until next time, be safe and we will see you in the outdoors.

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