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Marion Reservoir Small Mouth

Marmion Reservoir Small Mouths

Summer time offers a fantastic opportunity to catch Small Mouth bass in Northwestern Ontario.

Located just north of Atikokan, Ontario. The Marmion chain is a huge maze of flooded timber, crazy Canadian Shield topography and an amazing experience.

HSM's newest team member Shane Wepruk and I decided to check this body of water in search of smallies for an upcoming tournament that Shane fishes each season.

The day did not disappoint. We found bass situated on main lake structure in depths ranging from 14-26 feet of water. Water temps ranged from 71-74. Our best presentations by far were a wacky rigged senko and various minnow presentations either fished on a jig head or drop shot.

This body of water marks the first time I have ever fished a reservoir. Zooming past standing timber out in 30+ feet of water was a sobering experience and not one that I'd attempt without a guide or someone who knows where they're going.

The trees are hard to see at times below the surface and one unlucky boater today happened to hit a submerged stump right in front of us. Thankfully he didn't hurt anything or himself and carried on with his day.

This body of water offers amazing action despite the dangers with a consistent 50+ fish/day bite possible when they're really going. It was a fantastic day to be on the water with a good friend and some awesome scenery. The fish didn't disappoint either. ‪#‎EuroTackle‬ ‪#‎Biwaa‬‪#‎DivinatorJR‬

~ Tom Batiuk

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