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Let the Good Times Roll!

Let the Good Times Roll

Location: Rainy Lake Water Temp: 69 degrees Target species: Black Crappie Depth: 19-23ft Method: Vertical jigging, Bobber rigging

After a major storm front rolls on by you can often be rewarded with great fishing success in the summer months.

Targeting Black Crappies around submerged wood is a solid way to put fish in your boat.

Today the fish were scattered in the vicinity of this wood and were rather picky. It was necessary to down size in the beginning from a traditional 1/8 oz painted jig to a 1/64th Northland Tackle firefly jig.

Live bait after a front is a great thing to have aboard as it tends to out fish plastic when the crappies are picky.

We caught several small walleyes around the structure that were hanging on bottom. The actively feeding slabs were 5-7 feet off bottom and often higher than that. I was able to catch 6 or so that were suspended 7 feet down over 20 feet of water with a bobber rig.

We ended the evening with a nice big bonus walleye that was CPR'd. With a small limit in the box for a fish fry it was time to call it a night.

In summary, don't let the weather hold you back. We patiently watched the Radar and after we knew the storm was passing we headed out for this stellar evening fishing experience. Enjoy your time on the water and let the big ones back for future generations to enjoy. ‪#‎recycledfish‬

~ Tom Batiuk

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