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Alexandria Area Report: There’s Black Gold in Those Shallows!

You can pretty much say that the spawn is on. It’s taken a couple weeks to get here but the crappies,bass and bluegills are flooding the shallows to get their business done. The weather is stable and the water temps. are between 62-65 degrees, and the crappies are in tight where the developing weeds are. It was funny watching the crappies today protecting there nest and when a bluegill or bass came close they weredarting out after them. It was like a black streak that would come out of the weeds, then back they would go to protect the nest.

Right now the crappies are spawning and will be for the next few days. This is a great time of year to get out and enjoy the fishing. On most of the lakes in the area the bite has been very good to excellent! Now the one reason I love this time of year is that I get to play around in the shallows with the underwater cameras. Yes, fishing is really fun, but what is really fun to me is watching the actions of the fish, and then getting the shots from the under world. The benefits for me this time of year is that I can play around with different types of presentations and then capturing them through photography. I’ll use Northland Tackle,Clam CPT, Salmo, and many others. Now, what underwater camera’s do I use? The two types of cameras that I’ve used are the GoPro 6/7 and the New DJI Osmo Action. Let me go over them and what I like about both of them.

GoPro 6-7:

Since they came out, who didn’t like the GoPro Camera movement? I did and with the advanced technology this camera has been amazing. Lately, the GoPro 6 and 7 have been my go to for a lot of the underwater shots that I take. When it comes to the underwater shot, it does a great job and with some of the creative things you can do with it. For example, the split on the water line is one of my favorites, but the best is when you can include the vegetation with the fish. With this camera, you can’t go wrong and would recommend it to everyone.

DJI Osmo Action:

Well, what can I say after going over the GoPro camera. Let me see, you’ll love this camera as well and will probably will like more of the features of this one. Its built very well, and the stabilization is amazing. You can move with the subject matter and get a great shot from underwater. The detail was one of the things that really caught my eye with this camera. You can do pretty cool stuff, take photos and film with this camera, and it’s in 4K. This is a camera that I would recommend as well. Both will do a great job, but its up to you in what your looking for in a compact camera.

Here’s a few underwater and split water shots that the GoPro and the DJI Osmo Action. You can guess which one shot that was used with the New Osmo Action Camera, so please comment to see what one you think.

Until next time, be safe and we will see you in the outdoors.

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