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Some Days Don’t Produce

Spent the first day of the weekend searching, and I mean searching, for a crappie bite that just wasn’t going to produce. Spent the afternoon going from deeper water to shallower water and later afternoon, back out into deeper water.

Just couldn’t find the crappie, all in all, was only able to put 3 bluegills on the ice and we won’t even talk about their size. Had no problem finding the fish as just about every hole they were there.

They would come up and look at it and just sit there and stare, then go back down. Changed several jigs from shape to size as well as the plastics I was using. Colors were changed, sizes were made shorter and shorter for finding something that would work.

Nothing more frustrating than that type of fishing, was hard to give up but you know when you must succumb to not being able to put the puzzle together. There is always tomorrow and that is the nice thing about fishing, you have plenty of time, opportunities and the conditions are always changing.

Sunday came and decided we would change it up and go out and chase bass and pickerel. This lake is shallow and has a weed base that covers the whole lake. The fish cruise around above the weeds and just getting the bait in front of them usually will produce.

The pickerel were very small today and was a disappointment as we have caught some very nice fish over the years and today wasn’t the day for them. But the bass were on the better side of size and ended up catching more of them versus the pickerel.

Every day of fishing can be a challenge and changing the approach usually works for getting the bite going. But then there are days that no matter what you do, just can’t seem to catch a fish. Changing up the species can save a weekend for fishing and that is what we had done to salvage some hooksets.

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