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Just Get Outside!

Many of the stories and reports we post here at HSM Outdoors feature us with catches of fish, successful hunting trips, ways to process and prepare game, or training and techniques tips. We are always trying to help readers be more successful doing what they love in the outdoors.

But there is one thing they have in common that is probably one of the most overlooked things that most of us probably take for granted -- the healing and renewal properties that just being outside in the fresh air does for us. I was in this boat too until recently.

The birth of my daughter, back in June, was not the easiest operation for my wife. Aurora was born via C-section, which is, of course, not uncommon in this day-in-age. What we didn't figure would happen was the resulting infection that Melissa would get not even two weeks after Aurora's birth.

She was stuck in the hospital again for another week and had to have two more surgeries to remove the infected tissue. Because of where the wound was at, she was put on a wound vac to help heal it and prevent any more infections from getting in. These surgeries wore her out both physically and emotionally.

Recovery in the weeks that followed were also very tough with low energy levels due to the vac. Other than rest, the doctors said there was one other important thing she could do to help heal both faster--go outside and get some fresh air frequently.

It seems so simple and overlooked what fresh air does, but by getting her outside more and more after she was released, she began to feel better with each trip, even if it was just a short trip to a nearby lake or view of the Black Hills.

Being outside helped her out physically by getting us walking around and helped to refresh and clear her mind of the problems and issues that she had been through looking at these photos of her, it is amazing to see what getting outside has done for her. She was so worn out in the hospital that our first visit outside after her surgeries, she was, in every way, exhausted. Fast forward a couple of months and she wants to go places and go for short walks with Aurora and get her some fresh air too!

We all love the outdoors and what we get to do in them, but, we shouldn't forget that being outside and taking it all in gives us all a sense of renewal, almost as if we hit a reset button and our minds and bodies are clear of all of troubles and pain just melts away.

I certainly won't forget what just being outside did to help Melissa get better, neither should any of us. So, get outside and enjoy! Breath it all in and reap its benefits! What happens to us when we're outside and enjoying the sunlight and the fresh air is something we shouldn't take for granted.

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