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Best bite coming

Now that we have gotten towards the end of the ice season, the fishing is getting better as each day passes. The fish are starting to feed more and group up as well and once you get onto some of these schools, makes for a fun day of catching.

The fish that we found were hanging in 35 FOW and the better sized fish were relating to the 20-foot level. The higher in the water column the fish you could find, those were typically fish of a much better size.

The fish were on a definite feeding mood and this allows for some fast fishing and with that, bigger, spoon type baits worked great. Fishing with the Clam Pinhead Mino with a plastic trailer was very productive for the first couple of hours. Lightly jigging the bait was the best and concentrating on the highest fish yielded fish up to the 14-inch range.

At around the 10am time frame, conditions had changed and the bite did as well. Spoon bites were none existent and downsizing was needed and changed up to the Clam Drop jig with a Maki Leechi in white still caught fish, but the larger fish couldn’t be found.

Burned through all my drilling battery power searching for better sized fish and by the end of the fishing time, never did find those fish again. Really enjoyed the morning bite and larger fish and this will be the norm as the temps get warmer, sun shines longer and the best fishing is here for the late ice fishing season.

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