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Feeding Frenzy to Finesse

There are some days that we luck into an area where the fish are in a feeding frenzy and this allows you to get away from that finesse fishing that mid-January always brings. We can fish at a faster pace and, get away from those finesse baits for a little while.

Found one of these spots the other day and watching the Vexilar flasher, the fish were stacked up in 18 FOW and were throughout the water column. Using the Clam Pro Tackle - Pinhead Jigging Mino tipped with a Maki Mino XL tail, this bait would get quickly to the fish and they were on it just as fast.

By having the Maki Mino tail on one of the trebles, you would lightly jig the bait and the plastic tail would pulsate and dance freely on the hook. Seemed that you needed to use a pink color as other colors, the bites were a bit harder to getting them to commit.

As with any day fishing, the weather is constantly changing and this fast bite started to fade as the winds started to blow. The fish were still there, but were becoming more of lookers than biters and time to making a change was needed.

Switching up to the Clam Outdoors Dropper Spoon and downsizing to the Maki Mino tail, this presentation could keep the bite going. There may have been other variables contributing to the bite fading, but with bait changes throughout the day, this allows you to keep catching these fish and enjoying the day.

Fish can get turned off by using the same bait catching fish after fish and changing up every now and then, this will keep them biting. When the bite is going well, fishing with spoons allows you to get to the fish faster and also being able to fish a larger bait profile.

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