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Late Summer/Early Fall Muskies

With the hot summer nights fading into cool fall evenings, muskies are starting to change their patterns. This transitional period creates the opportunity for one of the peak bites of the year.

There are a couple key factors that make this such a window of opportunity to catch a giant musky. Tullibee and Whitefish are starting to prepare for spawn and are staging in shallow waters.

These fish like to spawn on structure that muskies already have been relating to most of the summer. Muskies love eating these high fat content fish in preparation for the colder months ahead.

During the day, the sun will heat up areas of shallow sand, rock, and reeds and will provide muskies with a warm place to hang out, these areas are a great place to start looking for your next giant musky.

During this stage in the musky season, I like to transition faster moving baits into larger profile slower

moving baits. Bulldawgs, Medussa, larger dive and rise, and bigger profiled jerk baits are on top of my list.

Never underestimate topwater this time of year. When these fish move shallow, it gives you a good opportunity for catching a fish on top! This time of year is when the muskies start to put the "Feed Bag" on.

Go find warm shallow water and cast away!

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