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End of Summer Vacation

Funny how it seems that we just had summer start and all of a sudden, the waters are cooling, the air is cooling and that feeling that fall is coming. With that comes end of the season vacations and that is exactly what we had done.

We have a favorite campground that we like to go to which has a small lake but definitely has some good fish in it. It is a very shallow lake and has no structure and with no contour map, using the Sonarphone, we were able to find isolated clumps of weeds and that is where the fish were hanging.

Typically, crankbaits had been the ticket and for all that we tried, they just didn’t want them this time around. What ended up working the best were jigworms with a couple of different colors and also throwing out shiners under a float.

The shiners worked best when casted next to those weed clumps and the jigworms were best being worked in between those weed clumps. One fun thing with these types of trips is that all family members get to fish and catch as well and everyone is having a great time.

In the evenings, we had found an awesome bluegill bite going on and these were nice fish as well and on ultralite equipment, made for some fun fishing. Clam Outdoors jigs and plastics were killer as fish after fish were being caught and many of these were caught right up against the shoreline.

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