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Aluminum Vs. Kevlar Canoe

Now don’t get me wrong, the good ol” motor and trolling motor are my number one choice, but I can’t always have that. When I first started fishing back when I was 16, I threw an old beat up aluminum canoe on top of my Chevy Monte Carlo and went on my way.

I have upgraded and wouldn’t trade a bass boat for anything, however, now that I’m only feet away from the BWCA, I have to handle canoes on a daily basis. At Nor’wester Lodge, we rent out canoes each and every week and usually they are Kevlar, why the answer is simple.



  • Light weight

  • Tough

  • Same Size as aluminum

  • Can carry a lot of gear


  • Not as durable as aluminum

  • Expensive

  • Thin so when damaged rapiers can potentially be hard

  • Not very stable with light weight



  • Extremely durable

  • Good for fishing

  • Affordable


  • Much heavier

  • That’s about it to be honest

There is nothing bad about aluminum canoes, the only thing is they are heavy. That’s what I’ve got invested into this addicting habit, called fishing, so I might be biased. However, one can’t deny that Kevlar canoes have about taken over the market in the canoe world. If you can afford one, they are most certainly worth the investment.

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